Some of ScooterPac's unique features

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No long waits for a canopy to be made, and with the added benefit of it fitting virtually every scooter - instantly!



From the largest 8mph scooters right through to the smallest car-transportable, the ScooterPac’s clever design means one size fits all!



The ground breaking patent-pending technology provides protection from the rain and lets you soak up the sun (when it’s out!)



Aluminium construction for long term durability and no chance of rust! And-state-of-the-art cover material too!

How the folding canopy works

It's all in the fold

Enjoy independence with this easy-to-use canopy and go out on a whim, without any help. Looks like rain? Fold it out from behind the seat to form a top and side canopy. Turned out sunny? Fold the canopy back in seconds for a breezy ride.

One-size-fits-all design

Using cleverly adjustable arms, the Scooterpac canopy fits securely to all scooters - even car-transportable models. The compact design and lightweight frame mean you can easily transport your scooter as you’ve always done.

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Four ways a folding canopy can make your scootering experience the ultimate in comfort

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