This is our first ever Limited Edition Cabin Car Mk2 - with only 25 being made world wide, it bring with it a new level of exclusivity. Manufactured only in November and December of 2017. It features sporty racing stripes, limited edition decals on the lower doors, and paint inspired by Mercedes Benz. On the inside, it still features all the tech that makes the Cabin Car Mk2 the most luxurious mobility scooter in the world.

The Cabin Car Mk2 is the most advanced Mobility Scooter in the world! Featuring reversing camera, USB Charging ports and full internal heater, it really does have all the creature comforts of a car! The soft suspension and long range batteries keep it going for hours, and the familiar digital dashboard makes driving simple!
Smooth running electric motor
8mph top speed, for 25+ miles
LED Headlights and Indicators

Limited Edition Green Paint

Featuring Mercedes Benz inspired metallic green paint, applied painstakingly over multiple layers and finished with an incredible deep gloss. This car is truly eye-catching.

White Decals

The Limited Edition comes with white decals that stand out from the green paintwork. With dual 50mm stripes running over the body to emphasis the curves of the car, and Limited Edition stencils on the lower doors.

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